FAQ's - Kids Division

Are there any guarantees that my child will book any projects?

To state it simply, no. This is a no-guarantees business.  When your child is represented by us, we will submit them for every project they meet the specifications for, but there is never a guarantee that they will book.


Who is Marbles Kids Talent?

Marbles Kids Talent is Colorado's longest-standing talent agency. We represent and submit kids for acting/modeling opportunities in TV, film & print ads. Our roots go back more than 30 years, and our talent has included actors such as Zachery Ty Bryan ("Home Improvement"), Bryce Foster ("Victorious"), and Murray Rundus ("The Gamers' Guide To Pretty Much Everything"), to name a few. We are considered "The babies & kids agency" in the Denver market, and we are typically the go-to place for clients when they are producing TV/film/print projects in our main age range.

How has the pandemic affected the industry?

The pandemic has impacted the industry in a number of ways.  Most notably, many of the processes which used to be conducted in-person are now done remotely.  This was already beginning to become a trend, but the pandemic has definitely sped up this transition.  Most auditions and callbacks, and even our new talent sign-up process, are now facilitated online.  In many ways, this has made all these processes more efficient and convenient.



How do I get my child started?

Send six to eight pictures of your child to our Senior Talent Agent Elgin Cahill (elgin@marbleslincolntalent.com). They do not have to be professional photos, but they should be in focus, and include a variety of face & full-body shots (put your best foot forward). Be sure to include your child's name and your contact info.



Do you sign every child who applies?

Unfortunately, no. This is a very competitive industry, and we only select the children who we feel are likely to book. However, our clients needs are constantly changing (and so are your children!) If your child is not selected for representation, please feel free to re-submit at a later date.



How much is your commission?

The agency commission is 20% for non-union projects, and 10% for union (SAG-AFTRA) projects. Most of the work in the Denver market is non-union.



Are you a SAG/AFTRA franchisee?

No. Most of the work in Denver is non-union, and in many cases, non-union projects pay more than union projects. However, union projects do at times come through our agency, and in many cases, non-union talent are submitted for those projects.



Are there any upfront costs?

We offer a series of introductory workshops which are designed to prepare your child for the audition process. Depending on your child's current level of experience, we may recommend that he or she participate in these workshops. The cost for the workshops is $375. There is also a cost for professional comp cards, which includes a photo shoot and comp card printing. Comp cards are mandatory and must be brought to every audition, along with a resume. The cost for comp cards is an additional $375.  For examples of the comp cards, please visit our Facebook page.



Does my child have to participate in the introductory workshops?

If your child is selected for representation, he or she may be asked to audition for our Senior Agent to determine his or her level of experience. If your child already has some experience in the industry and has booked jobs before, then he or she will probably be just fine without the workshops. If not, we will most likely recommend that your child participate in the workshops.



I have been told never to pay an agency anything upfront. Why should I have to pay for workshops?

Some agencies offer development services, and some do not. Agencies without some type of development program will typically simply decline to represent your child if he or she doesn't have any industry experience. Our workshops offer children with little or no experience an opportunity to get into the industry, and break the cycle of, "I can't get an agent because I haven't booked enough projects, and I'm not booking any projects because I don't have an agent."



How does the process work?

A typical casting follows this timeline: A client contacts us with requests for talent for their project, typically with certain specs (specifications), which may include age, gender, ethnicity, etc. We contact the parents of the talent who meet the project specs to determine if they are available for the project dates (audition, callbacks, fitting, shoot dates, etc.) This is called an "avail check". We submit the headshots of the kids who are available to the client, who then decides who they would like to see for an audition. We then contact the parents of the selected kids to schedule their auditions with the client. The kids go to the audition, each bringing a resume and comp card. Sometimes a small number of kids are asked to return for callbacks, and sometimes the client makes the booking decision after the first round of auditions. Payments for talent are submitted to the talent agency, who then sends a check to the talent, minus the agency commission. Talent can typically expect to receive payment for a project 4 to 6 weeks after the completion of shooting. Any talent who earns $600 or more within a calendar year will receive a 1099 from the agency.



If my child goes to an audition and books the job, will you notify me?

Yes! We will absolutely notify you if your child books the job, and get you all the information you will need for the project.



If my child goes to an audition and does not book the job, will you notify me?

No. We typically submit several children for any given audition, and if your child does not book the job, you will not hear from us.



Who are your clients?

Some of our recent clients include Freddy's Frozen Custard, Ace Hardware, Cat & Jack, Centura Health, Eddie Bauer, NBC Sports, Trustmark Bank, and many others.  Click here to see a more comprehensive list of some of our 2017 projects.



How often can I expect my child to book?

This question is nearly impossible to definitively answer, and is difficult to even estimate. The Denver market is not nearly as busy as Los Angeles or New York City, and projects can be very sporadic. There may be periods of several months when you don't hear anything from the agency, and there may be times when you hear from us 5 or more times in a month. It all depends on what the clients are looking for.



What is the rate of pay?

The minimum rate of pay is $75 per hour with a two-hour minimum, minus 20% agency commission.  Rates go up from there, and vary by project.  One of our children earned more than $20,000 for a single commercial spot, another earned over $10,000 for a commercial.  These types of rates are not typical, but they are possible.  The average pay rate for a commercial is in the range of $1,500 to $2,000.



How long is your contract?

Our agency agreement has no term stipulation. If you decide to terminate your child's representation by us, you may do so at any time.